Jet Hot Coatings are high performance and superior quality ceramic coatings for exhaust headers, manifolds, side pipes, intakes, turbo housings, mufflers and other parts. Coating the external and internal surfaces of the exhaust system will improve their performance as well as longevity, helping you avoid any costly repair costs.

Being the experts of Jet Hot Coating, my team at Protech Powdercoaters can offer you this service at a very competitive price. Get in touch today on 08 9493 3654. Now let’s look at some of the benefits of Jet Hot Coating.

What is Jet Hot Coating and its Benefits

What is Jet Hot Coating and its Benefits


#1. Extend the Life of Your Car Parts

You’ve invested a lot in special parts. You need to protect them from wear and tear. I’ve seen expensive cars break down just because some of the vital parts were not ceramic coated. Removing and repairing expensive exhaust parts, turbo kits and headers can take a lot of time and money, so the longer you can make them last and stay in a good shape,the better!

#2. Protect from Corrosion

Ceramic coats help important parts keep away from gas, salt, oil and other metal degrading materials that your parts might come in contact with. Contact us today to get expert advice on the type of coating that will best suit the parts and the way you intend to use them. My team will be more than happy to have a chat with you to discuss your needs.

#3. Enhanced Performance

Even if you buy good stainless steel or titanium parts, having ceramic coating for exhaust pipes, turbo parts and headers will improve their performance. This coating decreases thermal tumbling and allows the exhaust gases to flow faster. Ceramic coatings are also great for eliminating any pressure problems, giving you more horsepower. It also prevents heat from escaping the vehicle’s pipes, preventing damage to the spark plug wires, plastic components and wiring harnesses. Overall, your engine will run much better.

#4. Protect from Thermal Cycling

For the high performance systems, this coating can withstand more than 1600°F, protecting your exhaust parts and turbo from thermal cycling that can lead to the metal parts breaking down over time. The ceramic coating helps keep the heat inside the system, ensuring the metal does not cycle hot to cold fluctuations.

#5. They Look Good!

C ceramic coatings look really cool, giving your parts a chrome finish without the flaking problems. You can also opt for other color options if you don’t like chrome, including pure black and ghost white. So, you can blackout your motorcycle or make parts of your car stand out with a custom design under the hood. You can also opt for matching the colours already on your car. Not only are Jet Hot Coatings functional, they also provide aesthetic beauty to make your cars look good.


I believe these should be enough reasons for you to want a Jet Hot Coating for your car. Get a fast free quote by getting in touch with us on our website.

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