What Are the Advantages of Powder Coating

What Are the Advantages of Powder Coating


Powder coating is one of the most popular ways to paint household appliances, automobiles, and many other metal parts. It provides plenty of benefits over other conventional painting methods.

So what are the advantages of powder coating? Read on to find out!

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly painting solution. Compared to liquid finishes, powder coating doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or solvents that could harm the environment. It is important for it not to release any harmful chemicals because it is applied directly to the surface. And thanks to the electrostatic application method, there is almost no waste in the process.

Durability & Protection

When it comes to painting metal, durability and protection of the surface is vital.

One of the main advantages of powder coating is that it’s one of the most long-lasting and durable finishes available for any type of metal. It’s particularly valued for its outstanding outdoor durability.

In contrast to liquid paint, the coating is more resistant to fading, chipping and heat, and the colour stays vibrant longer.

In addition to that, powder coating offers surfaces protection from discolouration, corrosion and other damage.

Customized Colors & Textures

While powder coating does have a few common finishes, one of its biggest advantages is a wide selection of colours and textures that can easily be customized. Specialists can match any colour and texture by creating unique combinations.

Fast Drying Time

Powder processing times are faster than those of standard paint, and that’s because it doesn’t contain any solvent. This can save time and space during the work process, and therefore the finished product is achieved much faster.

Efficient Application

Due to the absence of a liquid carrier in powder coatings, it’s easy to produce thick and smooth coatings with little to no difference between horizontally and vertically painted surfaces.

Now that you know all the advantages of powder coating, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were interested in upgrading one of your items. If you are located in Perth, you will be one of the lucky customers to receive excellent powder coating services locally.

Pro-Tech Powder Coaters has been offering powder coating and sandblasting services in Perth for over 26 years.

We support the manufacturing industry & general public alike to protect their metal products and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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